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    I tried this and black spots never appeared on our bathroom tiles anymore. Amazing!

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    If you are wondering if it works.. a Covid positive person rode the car with my brother for a whole week. I was also using the car during that week. When we were informed of the situation, my brother got tested. By the grace of God, he tested negative! Had we not been careful, we could have infected our mom who is already old.

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    In fairness, we have a spot at home that always gets molds. Now, since I put Dr. Clo, it’s been spotless!

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    Been trusting Dr. Clo for almost 3 months already. Thank God I’m still Covid-19 negative and I don’t have any sickness or symptoms even if I’ve been in contact with multiple Covid positive patients. I’ve been to the Covid ward and even swabbed a Covid positive patient. Hoping and praying that my family and I will be kept safe.

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    Wow. Very sleek and practical design for a sanitizer. You can simply put it anywhere or bring it everywhere, easily.

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    There used to be a musty smell in my room if I close the door all day but the smell is gone now.

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    Easy to use! Pretty packaging

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    Excellent and product is very good and effective in removing odor

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    Fast delivery! No smell emitted from this and very portable.

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    Great product and very unique! Recommend!

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    Fabulous product. Carried it everywhere I went. Amazing use and made me feel safe everywhere.

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    I found this relevant and compact to keep in my house. Especially with kids it helps keep the surroundings sanitized easily. Would definitely recommend it as it has no side effects.

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    I used to get allergies in the morning and would sneeze a lot and get a runny nose. After putting Dr. Clo beside my bed, I realized I haven’t gotten it lately!