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The Next Level Defense Against Pathogens

Dr. Clo is an US FDA-registered Class 1 Hospital Grade disinfectant product designed to provide airborne protection, which creates a shield against bacteria and viruses. The patented nanotechnology works continuously for 6-8 weeks in an effective coverage area of approximately 15.0 sq. m., leaving no chemical residue in the air or on surfaces.

How It Works

Dr. Clo sterilization and deodorization principle removes electric membranes or cell membranes from substances such as harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals and carcinogens, which effectively suppresses their growth and sterilizes the atmosphere. Simply activate Dr. Clo and it will be spread out from the device into the air without the need for any batteries or electricity.

Safe & Effective

Dr. Clo is made for millions of people who are threatened by germs and viruses and for those who want to protect their loved ones. Dr. Clo’s patented technology has been developed with R&D support from the Korean government and its sterilizing power has been verified by Japan’s Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center.
Products from Dr. Clo are made non-toxic, avoiding the harmful toxins found in many households products such as other disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorants.

Institutional & Commercial Use

Dr. Clo products provide protection for every individual on the front lines. If social distancing is not possible, Dr. Clo products can be used in public areas for disinfection as an additional step in a comprehensive prevention and protection strategy. This is available for medical professionals, essential services personnel, and those who must venture out for critical reasons. It can also be used in delivery vans, trucks, and other transportation vehicles.

Tested By Experts

Dr. Clo has been registered as a Class 1 Hospital Grade Disinfectant with the US FDA. The Registered Establishment Number (3013383068) can be viewed on the US FDA website: Click Here

Personal Use

Dr. Clo has products specifically developed for every place that we live and work, including the workplace and at home, in the kitchen/living room/bedrooms, bathroom, refrigerator, and automobile. Make safety a priority with Dr. Clo.

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